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Holiday                                                                                                                                        Get a Head Start on Your Holiday Plans

written by: Diane Chiasson

It's always a good idea to start planning for your winter holiday promotions as early as the end of summer. The more time to you allow yourself to prepare, the more smoothly and efficiently your holiday season will run.

The key to a successful holiday season is to be ready and prepared. Ensure that you have all your marketing materials in place, your staff ready to go, and all the items you need ordered. Diane Chiasson, FCSI, President of Chiasson Consultants Inc., a restaurant and foodservice consultancy firm in Toronto offers some tips to get you started on your holiday plans:

1. Start designing and drafting your advertising:
Get your chefs to start planning the special holiday menus, and put together a catering menu as well. Have your graphic designers prepare an early draft in digital format that you can easily edit or revise if the need arises later on. Many large companies begin planning for their holiday party as early as September, so you always want to have something on hand to show them.

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5 Warning Signs a Volunteer is About to Quit

Written by: Bob D'Ambrosio


Are your volunteers giving you warning signs that they're ready to quit? Watch for these 5 indicators to determine if someone may be ready to step down.

Warning Sign #1: They no longer enjoy their serving role.  Ministry positions are often open-ended, expecting people to serve without a completion date. If someone on your team has been serving in the same position for two or more years, there may be trouble ahead.

SOLUTION: Allow volunteers the opportunity to ‘re-up’ for every term. And before that date arrives, allow time for reflection and evaluation with the ministry leader to mutually agree upon another term of service.

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