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5 Warning Signs a Volunteer is About to Quit

Written by: Bob D'Ambrosio


Are your volunteers giving you warning signs that they're ready to quit? Watch for these 5 indicators to determine if someone may be ready to step down.

Warning Sign #1: They no longer enjoy their serving role.  Ministry positions are often open-ended, expecting people to serve without a completion date. If someone on your team has been serving in the same position for two or more years, there may be trouble ahead.

SOLUTION: Allow volunteers the opportunity to ‘re-up’ for every term. And before that date arrives, allow time for reflection and evaluation with the ministry leader to mutually agree upon another term of service.

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                                                                                                                        Managing Your Food Service Ministry

Christian hospitality professionals face specific challenges and often find themselves juggling several diverse events at one time, including large and small conventions and banquets, wedding and funeral receptions, school lunches, and weekday dinners. It is estimated that food services in U.S. churches generates well over $100 million in retail sales.

The Global Association of Christian Hospitality Professionals (GACHP), www.gachp.org,  was organized  more than decade ago by the Food Service Ministry Industry and professionals who manage their church’s food services to “inspire and equip” the professionals working in this specific niche to reach their fullest potential by providing continued education, resources and encouragement.

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