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A Good Day for Soup

For restaurants, every day is a good day for soup. This time-tested dish is a menu staple with most chefs because it’s easy to make, popular with customers and makes good use out of leftovers and extra ingredients. Take a ham bone, extra celery, beans, and some stock, and you’ve got some great comfort food that’s bound to draw in customers.

Creative Choices
Cooks can get creative when they make soup. It can be indulgent and creamy, as in a beer and cheese soup, or served up as a healthful vegetable soup. It can be straight-up basic chicken noodle, or turned on its head in a wildly spicy chilled gazpacho. Restaurants can set themselves apart when they offer a “signature” soup made with local or organic ingredients. Soup can be dressed up (and priced higher) when it’s served up in a bread bowl. Plus, it can be offered in a variety of sizes and different price points.

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5 Things To Avoid When Purchasing a POS

Choice is good, right? Wrong.
 Just go down the mustard aisle at the grocery store and feel the power of choice to overwhelm. Whole grain, or dijon? Horseradish or chili infused? Heinz or President’s Choice? Whatever happened to just plain ol’ yellow?
Complicating this matter, Schwartz concludes that more choice doesn’t make us freer, nor does decision making become easier. It actually makes us more boxed in, more anxious. Why? Because we become paralyzed by the sheer amount of options. Schwartz says that when we finally overcome this paralysis and look at all our options, this thing called, “opportunity cost” occurs. This is when you “imagine the attractive features of alternatives that you reject.” In turn, you become less satisfied with your choice. So even if you’ve researched the thing to death, you’ll always be plagued by a nagging anxiety that you could have gotten a better deal or a more robust solution. This is the viscous treadmill on which the modern day restaurateur runs.

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