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potluckOhio Botulism Outbreak: 1 Dead, 23 Hospitalized After Potluck

The death that occurred earlier this week in connection with a church potluck luncheon in Lancaster, OH, was of a 54-year-old woman, a Columbus newspaper has reported.

The botulism anti-toxin was shipped overnight to local hospitals, but it wouldn’t have saved the woman who died because she was so critically ill, according to Dr. Andrew Murry of Fairfield Medical Center. He spoke at a press conference held Wednesday at the Lancaster hospital.

“These people are really ill, and any time you’re on a ventilator for that amount of time, things could go badly,” Murry said.

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Greetings Food Service Professionals,

As many of us are recovering from the busy holiday season and the New Year, it is time to draw our attention to what our ministry means and how we can give it purpose. Surely God did not put you into ministry just to prepare delicious food, but to touch lives in the name of Jesus. We have a simple campaign that will put purpose into your ministry called: Luvin from the Oven.

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