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Is it time to Raise Your Prices?

Customers never like a price increase, especially repeat customers that come in every day or week and get the same item(s) each time.  They are used to the cash machine showing the same numbers every time. It is instinctive and repetitive for them.  It is a system that does not change and provide stability for the customer.  It also leave you, the café in a tough situation as your cost of doing business increases (don’t worry, we are not increasing prices) or your competition increases their prices. When is a good time to increase your prices?

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     because I said so                                                                            

Because I Said So!

I used a phrase last week that I swore, as does every new parent, I would never use. We heard it countless times growing up. It was a phrase that was so unfair to us as children that when it rolled off my tongue I was shocked at what I heard. Did I say that?

To be fair she had it coming. She, being my 5 year old named Paris, questioned me about why she had to go to bed at 8:30. My response to the bedtime question was really the only logical response left at my disposal after a long day and no energy left.

"Because I said so."

I know, I know, I'm still stunned I said it.

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